Re: [orca-list] Probablew Orca issue in Yelp


I asume you are seeing an known bad crasher bug that exits in at-spi stable. You just need to restart orca 
then (sometimes a few times).
I heard that thi issue is already fixed in git an will released as part of gnome 3.26 then

Cheers Chrys 

Am Montag 21. August 2017 schrieb Jeanette C.:
Hey hey,
I'm not sure where this issue actually arises, but in Yelp, reading some 
help-topic, Orca will stop speaking after a while. I suppose that it happens 
at the end of the first page. Orca itself still reacts, but will perform no 
action in the Yelp window.

Technical data:
Orca 3.24.0
Yelp 3.22.0
mate-desktop 1.18.0

Does anyone else know about this? If so: is there a workaround or fix in the 

Best wishes,


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