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Deedra is tallking about pretty much any distro that is not patching lightdm-gtk-greeter or downgrading it the way Debian does it in order to workaround accessibility issues of the current version.
See this bug:
Debian and Ubuntu are not affected. Arch linux is affected. I don't know for sure about the others but I expect many more to be affected rather than not affected. Any distro respecting upstream lightdm project is affected I guess.



Dňa 21. 8. 2017 12:31 PM používateľ "Alex ARNAUD" <alexarnaud hypra fr> napísal:
Le 20/08/2017 à 20:00, deedra waters a écrit :
can someone give me the links for both the greeter and the accessibility patch that's supposed to fix the accessibility problem? seems that even with the newer lightdm gtk3 greeter things are still not working the way they should.

Hello Deedra,

I don't understand exactly the issue you're talking about. What distribution are you using ?

Best regards.
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