[orca-list] jessie to stretch upgrade problems, follow-up

Greetings again!

Jose Vilmar Estacio de Souza gave me a lot of help this week in trying to get this upgrade on track. I thought it finally worked on Thursday, but ended up with no orca *and no speakup. So, I first want to express my great appreciation to Jose for his time and attention to mhy problem.

Second, I had a volunteer reader look at the screen yesterday. I thought we'd made the right adjustments to sound output, and we had speakup talking for about a second, but it stopped again.

One problem seems to be this: when I do get logged in on the graphical screen, as soon as I go to a text terminal, that login kicks out. I thought this was happening earlier, when I had orca for the login only, and my reader confirmed this yesterday.

Jose and I focused much of our attention on speech-dispatcher this week. I don't know how it may contribute to my troubles, but this login knockout drug problem suggests that something else is going on. Are there any suggestions for me--relevant files I may need to fix, packages I should try reinstalling, or something else? One way I can still get at stuff on the machine is via the stretch live CD: yesterday, I ran speakup on the CD and did chroot into the / partition on my machine. Again, I don't know if this will help me, but I mention it in case it might.

Thank you for whatever anybody can suggest.


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