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Leap is the more stable version of openSUSE that isn't Tumbleweed, and it may not have particularly recent versions of things (it is still on GNOME 3.20, for instance).

On Fri, 11 Aug 2017, Kyle wrote:

Tumbleweed is OpenSUSE's testing branch. It's a rolling release branch that maintains all the latest versions of all the software packages they have. The packages in Tumbleweed get bug fixes, and once a degree of stability can be verified, they eventually filter down to the release. Using Tumbleweed, you have all the benefits, as well as all the drawbacks, of a rolling release, meaning that you will have all the latest software, but you could bump into bugs or regressions, both with the functionality of the application and with its accessibility.

I'm not familiar with Leap, as that seems to be something new, unless that's just the code name of the latest release. My recommendation, if you want something close to latest but stable and relatively bug-free, is to install the latest release. However, if you want to test the latest and greatest, you're not afraid of a few bugs and you want to help make OpenSUSE better, I would most certainly recommend Tumbleweed, as that's where all the testing and improvements happen most quickly. Hope this helps.
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