Re: [orca-list] lost speech upgrading from jessie to stretch

Can you run orca manually from alt-f2 or whatever the keystroke is?
For the text console you should be able to do modprobe speakup_soft
and then run espeakup.

On Mon, 14 Aug 2017 11:20:26 -0400,
Al Sten-Clanton wrote:

Greetings!  Apologies to anybody who saw a variant of this post
on the Blinux list, but this list seems a reasonable place to ask
for help with at least the Orca part of my problem.

Yesterday, after a fair bit of reading, rereading, and following
what looked like relevant advice from that reading, I ran the
upgrade from jessie to stretch.  I used "apt-get dist-upgrade."
It seemed to be successful in most respects; it didn't abort,

When I rebooted, I got what clearly were a bunch of Speakup
messages. Apparently, the upgrade enabled espeakup.service, which
I had disabled in order to run my own script for getting speakup.
At no point did I get Orca, not even using the super-alt-s

When I got myself into a terminal, I tried disabling
espeak.servvice. When I rebooted, there was no speakup, but also
no orca; again, the keystroke to bring it up did not work.

I went into a text terminal, which of course was speechless.  I
tried enabling espeakup.service again, just to get some kind of
speech, but this failed.  I tried a couple more times.  (I know I
was in a terminal because the poweroff command did shut the
machine do2wn.)

I suspectt there's this particular thing or two I need to fix,
but I don't know what that is and have no speech anywhere to find
out.  At the very least, I'd like to get Orca talking, and then
maybe I can retrieve my previous speakup set-up.  I'll be
grateful for any help.


[p.s. I've read the accessibility section about disabling
pulseaudio.  I may do that again, but when I did it the last time
it preventing my listening to an online radio station, hence the
script for using speakup after I was logged in via the gui.  I
hope to use speakup with my Tripletalk LT, but that will come
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