Re: [orca-list] LibreOffice Writer : noise when opening "print dialog"

Orca says "formatting marks on" because it gets an
object:state-changed:checked event from a toggle button. I'll see about
filtering that event out, but it would be nice if LibreOffice were not
emitting it in the first place. The more Orca has to sanity check and
filter out just in case it's bogus, the less performant Orca will become.


On 08/07/2017 10:59 AM, Alex ARNAUD wrote:
Dear all,

Environment :
- Debian sid
- LibreOffice 5.4
- Orca master

Steps to reproduce :
1) Open LibreOffice
2) Press ctrl+p

Result: Orca announces "print frame formatting marks on"
Expected result: Orca should announce "print frame" then the context
(panel) and the number of copies.

Best regards.

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