Re: [orca-list] how to install arch with gnome and orca?

In Apr 26 A.D. 2013 Peter Vágner scripsit
Hey hey,
this was a long while back. After installing gnome and gnome-extra on
Arch, I started the gdm and tried the below, does this still work in
sudo systemctl start gdm
after a little while the login screen should come up. In order to enable screen reader on the login screen you can do the following:
- press the ctrl+alt+tab while the login screen is shown
- then press right arrow key once,
- then press down arrow key four times,
- then press the enter key.
I didn't get braille output. I'm not sure audio would even work, since
JACKD is running all the time. I could configure it, but I'm not fond of
speech output. Still, if it is the way to go, I'll walk it.

Best wishes,


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