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I agree sometimes discriptions do seem a bit wordy, the desktop icon example is a good one, but I'm not 
hearing it now, get nothing read but the name of 
a file, folder or icon on my desktop right now. 
This machine is running vinux5, unity Desktop and I've replaced nautilus with pcmanfm for managing the 
Maybe I heard what you mention with nautilus, not sure, and don't run it now  on my production machines.
Anyway, I'm generally in favor of relatively fine grained verbosity controls, but I do think there is some 
point where prefferences can get too 
I think we have had discussions regarding whether to say what kind of control or object something is before 
or after naming said control and most if not 
all people wanted to hear skhypye and then button rather than button skype. 
I think for efficient working this is clearly the correct way to go, so would tend to vote against adding an 
option to change this order, but maybe 
there are situations I've not considered.
I just thought of something that I would like in the way of an extra control.
I could be a bit more effective and comffortable if there was a 2nd level of text atributes with it's own 
binding, i.e. a quick mode where I could 
configure foreground color and size  to be spoken. Then I could configure the main txt atribs binding to say 
a bit more than I have it saying now.
Configuration could be managed like it is now, just adding a 3rd check box in adition to speak and braille.
I hope you do not gthink I'm hijacking your conversation. Since our messages both relate to verbosity and 
posible additions to Orca config options I 
think they go together enough to not start a new thread, but if otheres are interested we may need to split 
things at some point.

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  Jean-Philippe MENGUAL wrote:
Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 08:05:40PM +0200


I re-active this subject. Is it a desktop-specific issue? Or GTK one?


Le 01/10/2016 à 01:46, Jean-Philippe MENGUAL a écrit :

As with any screen reader, when Orca !eaches a widgets, it speaks its
label and its type. 2 questions:
1. Could we set a preference to hear the type before the label, or label
before type? Today, we hear "OK button"; what about is a user wants
"Button OK"? Could we have a pref for it?

2. Is it possible to have a shorter description for experts users? I
know the alternative exists (verbose vs short), but I don't really see
differences. Typically, on my desktop, I hear: "Desktop configuration
file icon" (MATE) on each icon, except Trash, Home folder and Desktop.
Could we customize this description (to hear, instead of Desktop
configuration file icon" another thing), or having some shorter description?

Again, if it's technically possible, we can help having a patch.

Best regards,

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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