Re: [orca-list] serious gnome/orca problem

Well, I had someone with eye-balls look at the screen and indeed when
I launch firefox it does come up, but the Braille display just has
gnome-shell wnd (approximate) and I hear nothing, so its some kind of
accessibility problem.  Should I send you a debug log?  I do hear
where it says enter a command after hitting alt-f2.


On Wed, 12 Oct 2016 11:01:29 -0400,
Joanmarie Diggs wrote:

Hi John.

I'm not seeing that myself. And I cannot think of why anything in Orca
would cause you to not be able to launch apps. That said, if you think
this is an Orca regression, did you try testing with earlier versions of
Orca to see if the problem also exists there?


On 10/12/2016 10:08 AM, John Covici wrote:
Hi.  I am using orca master from this morning and a strange thing is
happening, if I do alt-f2 and type a command such as firefox, nothing
happens.  If I hit alt-tab it says mozilla push button, but I get no
farther -- same thing happens if I try to  do alt-f2 and then type
gnome-terminal.  Am I missing something or is gnome broke or what?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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