[orca-list] MATE Alt+F1 verbosity


I'm trying to get Alt+F1 on MATE (which opens the main shell menu
"Applications") not to be so verbose when it opens the menu, but I can't
seem to understand what's leading to this.

It announces the panel a first time because the current app changed.
That's a bit much, but it makes sense as it's the context for the menu.
Then, it announces the menu properly ("Applications menu").  So far so good.

But then, it announces the panel's frame again for some reason.  The
exact behavior from then on seems slightly random and depending on the
app focused when triggering Alt+F1, but basically it seems that an
additional object:state-changed:active event is sent out for something
else.  Sometimes the previously focused app is presented, and a movement
in the menu will lead to announcing it once again (as it's believed as
not being the active frame anymore).

Has anyone any clue what actually happens and leads to those extra
events?  They seem to be the cause for that extra chatter, as if they
were truly legitimate they would make sense, but I can't find any reason
for that.
I of course can provide debug logs if needed, but it's a bit large to
attach on the ML.

Thanks a lot for any pointers, 'cause I kinda feel lost in there right now.


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