Re: [orca-list] In LibreOffice GTK2 find dialog, Orca no longer speaks caret movements

Hi Alex.

That commit as the culprit doesn't make sense. The one before it,
however, does make sense. What the commit before does is handle broken
accessibility trees. So if that is really the change to Orca that
"broke" things, my guess would be that the find entry in the earlier
versions of LibreOffice Writer has broken accessibility and it was just
luck that it worked at all.

Furthermore, last time I checked, the find entry in current versions of
Writer does not emit caret-moved events at all. So if this really is the
commit that changed things, undoing/modifying it wouldn't fix the
problem in current versions of LibreOffice. And it would (re)introduce
bugs resulting from broken accessibility trees.

If the LibreOffice bugs were fixed, then the find entry would be
presented. I've seen recent accessibility-bug fixing activity happening
in the LibreOffice community. Perhaps those developers could address
this issue?


On 12/28/2016 09:34 AM, Alex ARNAUD wrote:
Dear Joannie and all,

My environment :
- Debian 8.6
- LibreOffice GTK2 and 5.2.3
- Orca master

I have noticed that LibreOffice 5.2 (maybe 5.1) breaks the GTK2 find
text entry a11y.

You should check with version 4.x or 5.0.x to follow my steps.

Steps to reproduce :
1) Open LibreOffice
2) Press ctrl+f
3) Write text
4) Move inside with arrow keys

Result : Orca stays silent
Expected result : Orca should tell us the letter when we move inside the
find text entry.

I have bisect Orca and it looks like it is the commit
"d1bb1c01192e7577ed4458b13fb5bc44960c6436" that causes this issue.
(It's my first bisect but I'm not completely sure about the result)

Best regards.

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