Re: [orca-list] Reading Firefox tab title

Dear Joannie :),

Thanks for the work you have done. The issue is almost resolved.

I have discovered a remaining issue : when you switched between all tabs quickly the current tab title is not spoken by Orca.

Environment :
- Debian 8.6
- Orca master
- Firefox nightly

Steps to reproduce :
1) Launch Firefox Nightly
2) Open 3 tabs
3) Switch to the first tabs with alt+1
3) Switch between them with ctrl+tab

Result : Orca speaks the title of the tab 2 and 3 and stays silent when it comes back to the first tab.
Expected result : Orca should speaks all titles tabs .

Best regards.
Visual-Impairment Project Manager
Hypra - "Humanizing technology"

Le 28/12/2016 à 07:29, Joanmarie Diggs a écrit :
Hi Alex.

Are you using Orca master? Last week I committed a workaround and when I
press Alt plus the page tab number (e.g. Alt+1, Alt+2, etc.) Orca speaks
the tab title for me.


On 12/27/2016 01:58 PM, Alex ARNAUD wrote:
Dear Joannie and all,

I have replied to the Firefox bug
report<> and I'm
not able to confirm that Firefox nightly resolve the issue.

Do you have to take account new e10s behavior on the Orca side ?

Best regards.

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