[orca-list] Micellaneous: Firefox, Libreoffice

Dear team,

We're attending to integrate Orca 3.22 in our system, but some points are style in sustain.

Tab titles in Firefox:
The choice is to read nomore the title to keep the place of the focus. Could it be a preference option? Wehn focusing on a form entry with the orca caret, pressing tab staying in navigation mode doesn't focus the next button.

Find dialog box in LO 4.2.6:
The accessibility of this dialog box came back, but there is still a problem with the text edit field. Moving horizontal arrow keys is silent.

We're really attended this release because it resolves many problems on the web, and the last hack on the desktop is very important.

Hypra S.A.S.
tél. : 01 84 73 06 61
ligne directe : 09 72 49 77 48

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