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You can not use the panel, i.e. the applets and icons in XFCE with orca.
Some of the applets themselves are usable if you open them with a command in the runbox, from a terminal, or 
if you set up keyboard shortcuts to run 
Exactly which can be used this way I do not remember as I've not used XFCE in a couple of years at least, but 
I think the sound prefferences app works 
very well. I do not remember if I found a GUI to connect to WiFi networks, or if I even tried anything as I 
ran XFCE on my Arch-Linux laptop where I set 
up as much as possible to be controled from CLI consoles, (virtual terminals if you prefer that terminology), 
e.g. I used and still use wifi-menu to  
select wireless networks, and use utils like ifplugd to auto-switch between available networks, both wired 
and wireless.
The lack of accessible panels is the main reason I do not use XFCE as my default desktop on the Linux distros 
I run.
I recommend installing pcmanfm and setting it up with available helper aps to replace thunar. 
I like some of the default XFCE software, mousepad's very fast to load, and while not as flexible as gedit is 
a good option, if not as ones default text 
editor it can be a good program to use for alt configurations, say use gedit or pluma for one type of file 
and a more  configurable editor for other 

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  mattias wrote:
Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 10:05:28PM +0100

   How to go to the taskbar?

   e.g with icons for sound, wireless  etc

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