Re: [orca-list] debian admin g.u.i. orca access

I'm about to try something on this end and if it works, I'm going to put the steps online so others don't have this problem in the future. Another Linux professional suggested I upgrade my user account to an adm account then try all of this again.

On Mon, 5 Dec 2016, Rapha?l POITEVIN wrote:

Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2016 09:32:53
From: Rapha?l POITEVIN <rpoitevin hypra fr>
To: Jude DaShiell <jdashiel panix com>, orca-list gnome org
Subject: Re: [orca-list] debian admin g.u.i. orca access

I can't help you anymore. With my config, I manage to reach the top toolbar. But we use Compiz and it seems using this WM solves the problem.

On 12/03/2016 04:22 AM, Jude DaShiell wrote:
First, root is inaccessible with orca speaking, su - root got entered
inside user account and orca reacted as if I had typed nothing. Second,
running mate-terminal then typing su - root at least got me prompted for
a password once entered I got # for prompt which is correct, Third,
control-alt-tab got me caja desktop and no top bar even following it up
with tab and alt-tab, fourth, I type mate-control-center I think as root
but internet and network button next to hardware does nothing when used.
fifth, as time permits one of these days I'll turn orca off and see if I
can get some sighted assistance clicking that internet and network
button and see what happens.


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