Re: [orca-list] problem with gedit

I really doubt it is unique to my setup. I did another totally clean install of ubuntu xenial, startedorca with control+super+s, opened a window in gedit, typed a few words, and pressed control+leftArrow to go to the end of the line. I can reproduce this error every time. I have discovered though that if I open orca preferences and click the Okay button, the problem goes away. I don't have to change anything in orca preferences. I just have to open the preferences dialog box and click the Okay button.

I think it is probably something that happened with an update to one of the libraries gedit and eclipse use to display text. I have automatic updates enabled on my machines. This is out of necessity since I do linux desktop support and I have to have a setup identical to the desktops I support.

Maybe I'll try installing ubuntu yakkity. Or downgrading to orca 3.18. I doubt the problem is basically with orca. Maybe.

On 11/30/2016 09:57 PM, B. Henry wrote:
Sorry, I've never seen this.

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