Re: [orca-list] Oracle Enterprise linux orca and brltty

On Mon, Mar 10, 2014, at 05:15 PM, Don Raikes wrote:


I am testing a beta build of OracleEnterpriseLinux to see how accessible
it is.

The installer is not at all accessible, but once installed, orca seems to
work fine in gnome, and brltty works great at the console.


My problem is I can't get brltty to work with orca in Gnome, so I don't
have Braille support in gnome.  I have gnome and brltty working
successfully together in debian and ubuntu, but can't seem to get them to
work together on OEL.  Yes I did check the use Braille option in orca's

I had this problem in fedora and my guess is that you are having the
same issue. Make sure that /etc/brlapi.key exists and that it contains
some data. Also make sure that you have read permissions for this file.
More is here . Hope this helps.



Orca 3.6.3

Brltty 4.5

Python-brlapi 0.6.0-6

Brlapi 0.6.0-6


Are all installed.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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