Re: [orca-list] Translating orca

Hey Peter.

I hate hacks like that and whenever possible am removing them. But as
for your question: In GNOME Search Tool, the strings seem to come from
Gtk stock items, in particular: GTK_STOCK_FIND and GTK_STOCK_STOP. So I
would probably look to see how those got translated (i.e. in Gtk+). Two
related notes:

1. Gtk stock items are deprecated.
2. GNOME Search Tool itself seems unmaintained, aside from translations.

The fact that translators keep translating it makes me think it's not
dead yet, but I'm wondering who is still using it. <insert shrug here>

As for the Gedit ones, I am still seeing most of those strings present
in the Gedit code. One looks like it has since acquired a mnemonic, and
one or two might have gone away. I'll figure that out and update Orca


On 01/27/2014 03:35 PM, Peter Vágner wrote:
Currently I am trying to review and update slovak translation of orca. I
do have a little question. There are certain strings for example in the
gedit and in the gnome search tool scripts where the translator comments
suggest making the translation the same way it was translated in the
application e.g. gedit or gnome search tool. By exploring translations
for those apps I discovered these strings are not present there. Is it
okay to ignore these or should it be handled somehow? Should I look to
the older versions in order to translate these?



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