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Orca is just the screen reader.  The speech comes from a speech synthesizer
which is another piece of software entirely.  Try contacting the developers
of E-speak, Festival or MBROLA.  These are all speech synthesizer packages
that might be able to incorporate what you have in mind.

Alex M

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I was wondering if the Orca project has considered using larger stored
speech units for the speech synthesizer in order to improve speech quality.

If this might be an option (perhaps configurable given the associated
increase in size?) then I would like to volunteer to record the phonemes or
words necessary to do this.

I have a relatively accent-free voice, and the facilities to do recording
with reasonable quality.


P.S. I reviewed the wiki and searched the mailing list archives for
indications of previous discussions of the topic, but didn't find anything -
apologies if I missed it.
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