Re: [orca-list] Recording audio from the soundcard

luciano de souza <luchyanus gmail com> wrote:
Does someone have a tip to record sounds from the soundcard using
terminal or a graphical application?
I have certain preference to do it by means of terminal, but any tip is welcome!

You could just use amixer or alsamixer to configure the input volume of your
audio device. Amixer is a command line tool; alsamixer is a terminal
application. For recording, have a look at ecasound and read its documentation
to find out whether it will meet your requirements.

If you're using Pulse Audio, volume levels can be configured with pacmd from
your shell prompt. I'm sure there are volume controls in GNOME as well, which
Orca should be able to access. Under Pulse Audio, the microphone input is
referred to as a "source", whereas the audio output is referred to as a
"sink". Thus you would need to use the list-sources command first, obtain the
index number of your microphone, then use set-source-volume to adjust it - see
the pulse-cli-syntax(5) manual page.

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