Re: [orca-list] continuing trouble with orca and firefox 25

Hey Rusty.

On 11/05/2013 01:22 PM, Rusty Perez wrote:

First idiot question, how can I find out which version of orca I'm running?

Assuming you are running a recentish version, pressing Orca modifier + H
will announce the version (and then continue to put you in "Learn Mode",
which you can exit by pressing Escape). Since the dawn of time, typing
'orca -v' in a terminal will also tell you.

Also, my issues with firefox aren't just that it seems to hang, or
silence orca, but also that my arrow navigation keys don't seem to
work as before on a web page.

Yeah, that falls under the umbrella of what I said in my earlier
message: Either Mozilla broke stuff or they fixed stuff. <smiles> Orca
has an unfortunately large amount of hacks in its Firefox support to
deal with bugs in Gecko's accessibility implementation. As Mozilla fixes
those bugs, it can break Orca's hacks. Alternatively, they might have
broken something new. Either way, I'm going to have to do much digging
and will do so.

Before, I could use up and down arrow keys to navigate the body or
text of an email message on the mobile gmail web site. Now, it will
not navigate blocks of text line by line in this manner, it seems to
jump around or something.

That means the Gecko accessible text implementation changed.

What I would recommend for now, is stick with Firefox 24 and do not let
it autoupgrade. Once I've sorted out what the issues are, I'll let
everyone know.

Sorry and thanks!

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