Re: [orca-list] compiling latest orca master

On 09/17/2012 02:54 PM, Thomas Ward wrote:

You shouldn't have to compile GTK 3 as long as you are running an up
to date distribution. Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch, etc all have GTK 3

But the thing is.... Orca v3.5.x and v3.7.0.x are for GNOME 3.6. And
Orca is expecting that you also have the latest accessibility libraries
for various fixes they happen to have. This is something I think most of
you already know. The next bit might not be: As part of the
"accessibility always on" switch being made in GNOME 3.6, the ATK bridge
(at-spi2-atk) became a proper library and the Gtk+ and gnome-shell code
were changed accordingly. If you use the new accessibility bits with the
old Gtk+ and old gnome-shell, things will very likely be broken and no
longer accessible.

So if you are running an up-to-date *unstable* distro that distro may
have all the required packages. If, however, you are running a 100%
updated *stable* version of your distro, odds are that you will not have
a sufficiently recent Gtk+ 3 and/or gnome-shell.

I realize that this sort of thing is a drag, but having accessibility
enabled by default is pretty exciting stuff. Now that this change has
been made, more GNOME developers and users are testing the code we all
rely upon, but they do not. As a result, leaks, performance issues, and
crashes that used to be "just our problem" are now everyone's problem.
And many people who are not "accessibility developers" are starting to
pitch in and fix accessibility bugs.

So.... Yes, I'm sorry about this Gtk+ 3 dependency bump, but trust me:
In the long run it shall have been worth it.

Take care.

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