[orca-list] GNOME 3.6 with gnome-shell: I'm impressed so far

I just upgraded my Arch to take advantage of GNOME 3.6, as it just came in late yesterday or early this morning. I have to say I'm impressed so far with the accessibility improvements that have been made in gnome-shell. Aside from some howto stuff that I can figure out on my own, I do believe I'm ready to use it regularly.

I am having just a bit of a problem in the overview, and I hope someone can help. Upon entering the overview, I can get to the dash and the windows, but both only speak "pushbutton" "pushbutton" ... "toggle button not pressed." There seems to be no way in this version to find what is on the dash or what windows are open from these views. Is this a known bug, or did I miss something somewhere?

Note: These things aren't really showstoppers, as I can navigate the window list quite comfortably using other methods, and I probably can get by without the dash for now, but if it's not yet a known issue, I wanted to point it out, and file a bug report if necessary. Thanks for all the great work that goes into GNOME, the gnome-shell, Orca and all the other free software goodness we depend on everyday.

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