Re: [orca-list] Issues with the keys


Yeah, I've noticed that problem here as well. It takes forever for Orca to speak anything in Nautilus these days. Anyone know why the lag time is so poor?

I was using Ubuntu 11.10 up until about a week ago and it wasn't nearly as slow and clunky as the current version of Nautilus. Its things like Nautilus why I've strongly considered downgrading until 12.04 is a little more stable and responsive.


On 5/7/2012 3:15 AM, krishnakant Mane wrote:
The only thing I find irritating these days with 12.04 is that Orca
has a hard time working with nautilus.
If one has to browse through home folder or documents etc, Orca takes
a lot of time to respond to the navigation using arrow keys.
Else all is working fine, at least at my end.
Happy hacking.

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