[orca-list] is there a combination of latest Orca and Ubuntu for full time use?

Hello all,
After all the discussions which have happened, I see a lot of diverse views about the latest Orca and various version of Ubuntu/ Gnome. I wish to know if I go with Ubuntu 11.10, which version of Orca will work best and can I do my regular email access, spreadsheet and other small titbits perfectly? I have to use internet from my mobile phone via usb so need to access the top panel for the icons.
I can do it well with 11.04 based Vinux.

So please suggest me as to which version of Orca should I download and compile? I know that after 11.10 was launched, there were lot of improvements in Orca so its obvious that I will have to compile a latest version.

I also remember that some one had put an email on getting the classic gnome 3 working with some steps, although I am finding it hard to remember the subject line for that thread. Can some one point me in the right direction?

Happy hacking.

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