Re: [orca-list] [Kde-accessibility] Menu bar in qt apps in Ubuntu Precise

On Mo, MÃr 05 2012, Frederik Gladhorn wrote:

I just found the time to look into the menu problem and found that the
menus were broken for quite a while in the qt-at-spi bridge. Please
let me know when you encounter something so obviously broken. I don't
use it in my every day life, so I am less likely to know what's not

You're right, I should have reported this. Shame on me. My guess however
was that the issue is related to Qt rather than to the bridge.

The fix is in the last few commits of the bridge repo, please encourage 
distributions to update to bd6d18614d417a8c75d111fe25a3a96ef61e799b.

Works great, yay! I tested the menus in Mumble so far and Orca reads
them like a charm.

Many thanks for the fix.



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