Re: [orca-list] [Kde-accessibility] Menu bar in qt apps in Ubuntu Precise

Hi Alex,
If you are intending to make a virtual machine available, I would be interested in testing it. Will you provide a virtual hard disk which I can put into a virtual box and run it/
I use Ubuntu 11.04 and will be shifting to 12.04 in most cases.
would you suggest giving KDE and qt apps a try for production use?
Further I also have a question on accessibility of various apps.
I wish to know if I can use libre office, firefox, and other apps with the same accessibility like that of gnome with orca?
Further more, is VlC going to be accessible?
or do you suggest another QT based media player?
Also interesting will be to see if programming tools like eclipse are accessible on KDE desktop with qt apps.
Happy hacking.

On 03/03/12 04:51, Alex Midence wrote:
Hi, Frederik,

Thank you for looking into this matter.  I gotta tell you, I'm having
a blast exploring these applications.  I noticed that even things like
the KSnapshot app are looking very promising with orca.  In the event
of there being some code that needs to be modified in qt-at-spi, do
you happen to know if it will make it into Precise or will somebody
have to install from source from the gitorious site?  The reason I'm
asking is that I'm making a pre-configured virtual machine available
to the community so that anyone who wishes can try out and test these
applications and provide you all with feedback and the like can do so
even if they lack the skill to install them and set them up for
accessibility themselves while things are in these beginning stages.
I'd like to know if people will simply be able to run a quick sudo
apt-get upgrade to get the fixes you are putting in or if something
more elaborate is called for.

Thanks again for your time and efforts.
Alex M

On 3/2/12, Frederik Gladhorn<frederik gladhorn nokia com>  wrote:
Hi Alex,

Fredag 2. mars 2012 09.41.24 skrev Alex Midence:
Hi, folks,

Wondered if anyone could offer up any advice on fixing this problem:

For some reason, the menus are not being read in qt apps in Precise
whereas they were being read in Oneiric.  I was able to test this in
Amarok, Dragon Player, KWallet and a few others.  I'd hit, say alt h
and then the down arrow and Orca would announce "Pop-up menu" and then
read the menu item such as "Handbook", "About"  ETC.  Now, I do this
in Precise, and I get silence the whole way through.  What I will say
is that I am able to explore these apps in flat review pretty well
with the odd "filler" and "label" object being announced.
I just checked the menus and can confirm it on my machine.
My guess is that it's a regression I introduced. I'll look into it.


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