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I don't know if this will help you but ...   I ran across some
information in the past suggesting that Knopix Adrienne was a distro
that had a talking LXDE which worked well enough for blind people to
use.  I don't know a whole lot beyond that but, perhaps, this may
serve as a lead for you and the folks at Triskell.  I understand that
Klaus Knopix is quite an impressive gentleman capable of finding very
resourceful solutions to certain problems in distros.

Best regards,
Alex M

On 1/16/12, Jonathan Nadeau <j nadeau charter net> wrote:
Hello list,

I'm working with the project leader of trisquel on the next release.
I've worked with him on the gnome version to make that release
accessible. I was wondering about orca and lxde. If some work is done to
lxde can orca and lxde work together and be accessible? What kind of
work would need to be done to accomplish this? I know that there have
been some work arounds to make xfce accessible can the same be done to
lxde? Any help would be much appreciated. This would be great to get a
distro that is accessible using lxde. Thanks for your time and help.
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