Re: [orca-list] About to install Ubuntu 12.04, need pointers to docs on shortcuts

Hi Robert,

On 23/02/12 22:32, Robert cole wrote:
Hello, Krishnakant.

I am not sure which version of Ubuntu (?) you are currently using, but as of Ubuntu 11.04 (if I remember correctly) Unity is the default desktop environment. Unity consists of two panels, one on the top and one on the left-hand side of the screen. Yes, that's right, but I never used unity before since vinux smartly sheelded all users from the broken accessibility at the time of 11.04. The top panel is where you will find the menu bar (File, Edit, View, etc) for any currently active window which supports the global menu. This panel also includes applets for wireless, mail, and other settings.
Yes, I think I tryed that on one machine with Ubuntu 11.10.
the left-hand panel contains numerous icons for your favorite applications (Firefox, LibreOffice Writer, LibreOffice Calc, etc).
So that brings me to 2 questions.
Firstly, where will be the focus placed when I first boot the machine?
Secondly, I don't seem to find a concept of desktop here. If yes what is the command to minimise all apps and focus to the desktop?

Here are some basic shortcuts to get you started:

F10 - Access the top panel. You can navigate items by using the Tab key; the SPACEBAR will activate any item available on this panel. Press F10 again to move focus out of the top panel.

Super/Windows Key - This will open the launcher which will have icons for different applications which are categorized. By default the focus is placed within a search box in which you can type to search for applications. You can press the down arrow to get out of it, and use the arrow keys to move through the different icons which are positioned in a tiled layout.

So can I add more apps to this list?  and can I change the order?

Super/Windows+1, 2... - Launch application [number] on the left-hand panel where favorites are located. For instance, if Firefox is the first application, Super+1 would launch Firefox. If Gedit was set at the fifth application, Super+5 would launch Gedit.

Sound interesting so far, let's see how it goes with me.
Happy hacking.

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