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Just a follow up to this. The Java Access Bridge for Windows has been incorporated into the Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) as of Java 7 update 6 (7u6). So yes, Oracle has been working on it, but it's no longer a separate download. Please see the Java Accessibility Guide for more details. I see the Java Access Bridge page needs some updating to reflect this info.


On 11/14/2012 5:20 AM, Thomas Ward wrote:

Agreed. Java access using the Java ATK Wrapper is superior to that in
Windows with the Java Access Bridge generally speaking. Of course, it
helps that the Java ATK Wrapper like everything else in Linux is an
open source initiative and is ongoing where the Java Access Bridge for
Windows hasn't been updated since Oracle took over Sun two years ago.
That speaks to me volumes where Oracle's access priorities are
regarding Java and their other products.

Regarding AWT I don't know it is accessible on any platform. The
entire point of Swing was to replace AWT with a better toolkit that
was accessible via an access bridge, and so far as I know most Java
developers use SWT or Swing for GUI applications so encountering an
AWT based app is pretty unlikely these days.

On 11/13/12, Alex Midence <alex midence gmail com> wrote:
Java swing applications work better in Linux than they do in Windows.  I
both operating systems and can attest to this first hand.  I don't know
about AWT -based apps though.  In case you are wondering what all these
acronyms are, they are widget libraries that are in Java.  SWT, Swing and
AWT are all libraries that Java programmers use to construct their gui
applications.  In windows, when you have an inaccessible Java-based app,
Swing is the usual culprit.  AWT is pretty inaccessible too.  Maybe if you
told us just what Java-based app you are trying to use, we might be able to
tell you whether or not it is accessible.

Hope this helps,

Alex M
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