Re: [orca-list] switching to unity 2d

Hi William,

That's exactly what you are suppose to see. Unity doesn't have an apps menu like Gnome 2.x. Instead most of your commonly used apps are on the launcher toolbar. Alt+f1 brings focus to the launcher toolbar. Windows+d brings focus to the desktop. F10 brings up the menus across the top of the desktop screen. Alt+f2 brings up the Dash, a run dialog box, so you can type in a program name to launch. If you know the order of the apps on the launcher Windows key plus the numbers one through zero will launch the application in that position on the launcher toolbar.


On 4/22/2012 6:37 AM, william lomas wrote:

i tried this just, and i assume hasn't worked? as when i do my alt f1 i hear launch toolbar and a list of 
things like firefox, etc. but not an applications menu?

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