Re: [orca-list] Shutting Down from Gnome Shell?

I found the power off option, press the enter key but nothing happened immediately. After a while I heard orca announce power off but I can not review the dialog.

On 04/14/2012 07:59 PM, Piñeiro wrote:
On 04/14/2012 11:58 PM, Dave Hunt wrote:

I believe there is a 'power off' button on the user menu, visible when
you hold 'alt' while navigating this menu.

There is a "suspend" menu item on the user menu. If you are pressing Alt
this menu item changes to "power off".

To get there:

1)  'alt+f1';
2)  'alt+tab' to 'top bar';
3)  release 'alt+tab';

IMHO, the easiest way to go to the panel is Ctrl+Alt+Tab

4)  'tab' to user menu (it will have your name as its title);
5)  hold 'alt', while moving up/down (you'll hear "power off", and
other choices;
6)  release all keys and press 'enter'.

My machine suspended, instead of powering down.  I'll just use the
power switch.

This is because you need to keep pressing alt to maintain "power off"
action. But it will show "power off" only as far as Alt keep pressed.

Anyway I realized something:
   1. You open user menu
   2. Press Alt, so that item menu changes from "suspend" to "power off"
   3. Navigate to that item (but keep pressing Alt)
   4. Orca exposes "power off"
   5. Stop pressing Alt
   6. Menu item selected changes to "suspend"

But Orca is not exposing this name change. I guess that we can create a
bug with this.


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