Re: [orca-list] Arch Linux Problems

Well, no joy <sigh>.  I uninstalled the python2-json-py package and I
even forced a reinstall of gobject-introspection and I verified that
it downloaded from the testing repo.  But I still can't find the
module in question.  When I look at the directory structure where
something similar got installed, I see
and within that directory, one of the many files is:
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 269968 Sep 20 22:45 Gio-2.0.typelib
Do you have this on your system? is this what Orca is looking for? if
so, it ain't finding it on my system.

I'm beginning to question the integrity of my python environment
because it can't find dbus either and I do definitely have dbus-python
installed.  So I'm still dead in the water.

do I still have to install other stuff from AUR to get this working?

On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 01:37:35PM -0500, Chris Brannon wrote:
Steve Holmes <steve holmes88 gmail com> writes:

Deedra or Chris, can you guys fcheck any more of this out on your
systems in the meantime today?

Hi Steve,
Deedra and I just got it running.  We re-installed everything from
[testing], and the error regarding the missing gi.repository.gio is
gone.  However, there is one further problem with the orca package in
[testing].  It mistakenly depends on python2-json-py, which is an
older JSON library for Python.
Orca uses the JSON implementation found in Python's standard library,
but this python2-json-py package shadows it.  I'd like to know how on
earth someone came up with that (mis)-dependency!
After you upgrade everything, do
pacman -Rdd python2-json-py
to get rid of it.  -Rdd tells pacman to ignore unsatisfied
dependencies.  After that, Orca should work.  pacman will try to install
that package next time you upgrade, so be careful.  I'm going to bitch
about this on the ArchLinux bug tracker, so it should get fixed soon.

-- Chris
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