[orca-list] An inaccessible entry box in LCL tool kit

Hi all,

I have been experiencing Orca with dialogs built with LCL, the Lazarus
Component Library. The result is accessible when using Orca. LCL is a
layer under GTK, so the expected behaviour is GTK.

the research is intersting. A friend, a Pascal developer, who has a
large background in LCL, has demonstrated a blind people can create
graphical interfaces, alone, only writing code, with the automatic
layout management provided by LCL. Yes, the news seems to be very good
for blind developers.

However, during this work, we find a difficult: when focusing entry
boxes, the respective label is not read by Orca. The reason? Even
though the LCL is a layer under GTK, the label object is built under
Canvas Draw.

If I am right, Orca identifies a label as an entry box identification,
when internally, the tool kit calls gtk_label_set_mnemonic. By means
of this function, we can associate the label to its respective entry.
But, as LCL uses for labels the Canvas Draw in sted of GTK, this
function is not called.

Except for labeled entries, LCL seems to be a very good solution for
Pascal blind developers. Studying a little bit more, perhaps we can
find a a way to solve it. Regarding this scenary, I ask:

1. Is ATK the solution for our problem? With it, can we associate an
label to its respective entry, supplying enough information for Orca?
2. Does someone has an example how to make this kind of vinculation?

I don't know ATK. Of course, I can study it, but firstly, it's
necessary to understand how far we can reach by means of ATK.



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