[orca-list] Fix for bug #431030 - GtkStatusIcon objects don't have accessible names results

Hy Joanie,

My Lucid system Orca wonderful spokening unlabelled icon labelled panel applet icons without CTRL+F1 key (for example Network Manager icon) since your committed fix.
I see only two interesting think only:
I using speak child position spokening function. This panel applets Orca spokening position index value (1 of 1), but other labelled panel applets this is not happening. Possible restrict position index value spokening to this GTK status icon objects not happening the position index value spokening (because always 1 of 1 the value), but happening for example the desktop icons if speak child position check box is checked? I don't no: need restrict this working method, or not matter if Orca spokening this situation 1 of 1 value when the user land for example the Network Manager panel applet icon?

An another interesting result with my friend says me, but I unable to verify with wlan connections related: When he connected a wlan hotspot, and next time navigate the Network Manager icon, Orca spokening he not have network connection. I unable to verify this issue, because I not have wlan router. But when I disconnect my vired network connection (for example simple detach the wlan cable), and next time I go back the Network Manager panel applet, Orca spokeningthe vired network connection is active, but this is not true. This situation I only hear right value when I press CTRL+F1 key. When I press CTRL+F1 key again, I hear false information (the vired network connection is active), but the cable is detached of course.
Possible fix this issue?


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