[orca-list] thunderbird search combo box partially inaccessible in version 3.1.7

Hello all.
Firstly I would like to ask on the outset if Thunderbird 3.1.7 is the correct version in terms of accessibility?
I have it With Vinux 3.1 based on Ubuntu 10.10.
If yes then could some one help me understand how to use the search option?
There is this search all messages combo box which I can properly locate for sure. With Thunderbird 3.0, I could just press alt + down arrow to get the list of search by choices.
I would get subject, message body etc as choices.
So suppose I am searching for a word in the subject itself I could choose the option from the dropdown and hit enter.
But now I don't get those options.
Has any thing really changed or is the feature broken in terms of Orca and accessibility?
I have herd people using TB 3.1.8 which I presume has the bug fixed.
But I did not find a way to install it on the machine.
Happy hacking.

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