Re: [orca-list] Some technical questions for new branches development rule related

Hey Attila.

When future I need writing a code, general what branch need the base branch?

The two unstable branches are master and orca-xdesktop. I would work in
whichever branch is appropriate based on your development environment.

So, future what method better you and easyest your work:

Don't worry about me. Work the way that works best for you.

What will be happening if a feature need both gnome-3.2 development 
master branch and orca-xdesktop branch?

Most features will fall into that category.

Hopefully the patch will just nicely apply to both. If it doesn't, then
we work on making a branch-compatible patch for the other branch.

Having these two branches won't be fun. But I think they are necessary
in terms of ensuring Orca users have the latest features and fixes
regardless of their environment. And it does seem to have some side
benefits, like making the gobject introspection work easier.

Take care.

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