[orca-list] GDM issue with orca

There was a recent upgrade in archlinux for gdm and it includes a patch which resolves the issue mentioned by Attila, in not being able to just press enter at the gdm screen (see http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=629310).

Now unfortunately this version of gdm in archlinux has issues with orca. The problem is that when gdm appears and orca has loaded the list for choosing a user does not speak or Braille anything. If I press tab, or possibly if I were to do something which takes focus away from the chooser and then return back to the chooser, then orca will speak and Braille the selection fine.

I have done a debug on this and it appears that orca is getting no events while this happens, only the keypresses appear for that part of the debug output.

Can anyone else reproduce this issue?

Now obviously the list itself is accessible as when I move focus to it explicitly orca speaks fine. Now I get a few thoughts on different approaches to solve this, advice would be welcome: 1. Should I add to the bug report for bug 629310 saying that patch isn't making the chooser accessible to orca when it is giving focus to the list item? 2. Should we try and do some sort of work around in orca? I feel probably not. If others feel this is the best way to go, what is the best way to find out about what accessible elements are available at the gdm screen (I mean what can I run in such a restricted environment, I imagine accerciser won't work here).
3. Should I file a separate bug against GDM for this?

Personally I feel the choice is between options 1 and 3. The question I feel I need the answer to for deciding that is: Is this issue caused by that patch and how it solves 629310 or is it a more generic issue to gdm.

Michael Whapples

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