Re: [orca-list] Ubuntu 11.10 & Gnome

On the most recent LTS is listed
first. This is the version that has the most testing and the most
support. This is the version new users are encouraged to try and use
unless they're looking for a specific feature or some hardware support
that isn't included in Ubuntu 10.04. This is currently Vinux 3.0.1 based
on Ubuntu 10.04.

The next release listed is the latest experimental release, which is
currently Vinux 3.2.1 based on Ubuntu 11.04. I don't see where it says
that this version is still being tested. It's referred to as an
experimental release. There's also a link off of this page to get to
other versions of Vinux.

I'll copy the Vinux development list on this email to see if the page
can be improved, but I think the page goes into quite a bit of detail on
the different versions of Vinux. I don't see any obvious improvements,
but if you or anyone else has any specific suggestions, I'd encourage
you to send them to the Vinux support or Vinux development lists.

On 30/12/11 21:56, Glenn wrote:
Yes, after I downloaded the one at the top of the list, which is the 10.04, 
I assumed that it was the last one they did, being at the top of the list, 
that is the way it is usually done on download sites, and older versions are 
typically further down the page.
I am now about half-way through downloading the 1104 version.  But Vinux 
also states thatLink  their 1104 version is still being tested.
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Hi Glenn,

Ummm...When's the last time you checked the Vinix site? The version of
Vinux I am running, v3.2.1,  is a modified version of Ubuntu 11.04,
and the prior version I was running was Ubuntu 10.10. So you are
incorrect. Vinux generally stays up to date with the latest Ubuntu
stable releases.

On 12/30/11, Glenn <GlennErvin cableone net> wrote:
I wonder when that might be, Vinux is still using 10.04, they never even
went to 10.10.

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