[orca-list] A possibility to we remove any panel applet for any panel in GNOME3 fallback session


In GNOME3 if any user using fallback session, only possible to remove any panel applet from a panel if the user using alt+right mouse button to click any applet. This is okai perhaps for sighted users, but only with keyboard usage this method is impossible to use if an user not using a mouse.
This is true only if Orca not running.
Why I say this?
Okai, possible only remove any applet from any panel if the user doing an alt+right mouse button click. I tryed morning what happening if I doing an alt+flat review right click command ( for example alt+capslock+8 keystroke) with any prewious added applet. I very surprised (possible only I surprised), but this possibility is working. :-):-) I don't understand default why removed GNOME developers the move and remove from panel menu items with default the context menue if any user clicking only the right mouse button with any applet or use SHIFT+F10 keystroke, but this way possible we accessing this menu items again.


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