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Quite honestly, I don't see the reason to have a default button here. There are only three controls in this window, and they are all buttons. A default button is typically applied in a situation where there are multiple control types relating to a specific task. Personally, I don't use the orca main window and it's the first thing I turn off, but if having the default button be preferences is too confusing for some (though I don't see why it would be), why not just get rid of the default altogether and require the user to specifically activate the button they want?

On 4/20/2011 03:03, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hey all.

Sorry to be a noodge, but I have a downstream request for us to change
the default button in Orca's main window. As I stated there, I
personally think that the default button in Orca's main window should
remain Preferences and not Help. But I'm willing to change that if
everyone thinks I should. The one thing I'd really like to avoid,
however, is different downstreams making different customizations. The
Orca user experience should be predictable and consistent. For both of
these reasons, feedback on this request -- either here or downstream --
would be appreciated. The downstream bug is here:

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Hi all,

When orca gets focus it reads out "orca screen reader slash magnifier
frame preferences button" and pressing return leads you to a complicated
screen of options. My proposal would be to make the default button the
help button so that pressing space or return might actually take you to
some kind of information on how to use it, and would tell you about
using the tab key to find other buttons and widgets and how to navigate
between windows. etc.

What do you think? Would changing the default button be disruptive for
those who already know how to use Orca?

Thanks guys! Take care.

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