[orca-list] Off-topic help please - partition problems

I sent this message to the Ubuntu list, but as usual, I get messages and 
cannot submit, so this is the only venue for my search for help, and here is 
the question I wrote in to the Ubuntu list:

I am using Ubuntu 10.04.
I am trying to repair my Vista laptop partition, and then I plan on making a
dual-boot system.
It will not boot, and I cannot access the recovery partition.
Also, the display is broken on this laptop, which is why I acquired it.
My son used to be able to read the display with a flashlight for me, but
that does not work any longer, yet the display driver must be working, as it
works on an external monitor when Ubuntu boots, but it will not work in the
boot-up screen.
* Anyway, I am not the most knowledgeable in Linux, but I went to a
terminal, and did
sudo parted
Then I did
then it showed a partition up to 151 gb and another from 151 to 8 gb.
I am assuming the 8gb is the recovery partition, but I cannot access it, nor
does it show up in "computer".
The main partition with the Vista is accessible via "computer".
I tried using:
and entered 151 as the start point and 160 as the end point, and all it said
is that I may need to update my /etc/fstab.
I don't know how to do that, but I rebooted and it still is not there.
I was wondering if installing Ubuntu would repair the partitions, or if it
might wipe out my recovery partition which I don't want.
I realize that if I install Ubuntu, and if it fixes my recovery partition,
and I recover the system, that I will need to reinstall Ubuntu, which is
Thanks for all suggestions.

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