[orca-list] Orca on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (or CentOS)


I've got the option of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux desktop at my new
job and would love to take the opportunity to start having Linux as my
main desktop platform.

However, in the past whenever I've tried to get a CentOS install made
accessible I've had a hell of a time, usually starting with
non-working audio and going downhill from there.  In contrast I can
get a Debian 5 VM working with Orca and Speakup after about 5 minutes
of post-installation work.

So I'm wondering if anyone has ever got a RHEL 5 or CentOS 5 install
working with Orca at all?  If so got any tips?  Conversely if anyone
knows reasons why it'll always be an issue please also holler and save
some of my time!


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