Re: [orca-list] updating broke something

I've been maintaining an Arch system here all along and even with the
latest updates of speakup and espeak and all, I haven't had any
problems with Orca.  I've been using git versions of Orca however, and
I don't know if perhaps there is something wrong with the production
version of Orca - doubt it though.  The PKGBUILD script for Orca is
pretty strate forward.  I've never seen the slew of errors you spoke
of.  How are launching your X session? Are using gdm to login or do
you do a 'startx' from a normal user from the text console?

On Fri, Oct 08, 2010 at 04:55:24PM +0100, Michael Whapples wrote:
The list of errors would be useful. I believe the issue people have
been reporting about GDM accessible login may also affect standard
users (although the situation may be less common due to other
software running for normal users than GDM).

However, I doubt the accessible login warnings would have given
errors about none-existent modules.

Michael Whapples
On -10/01/37 20:59, aerospace1028 hotmail com wrote:
On my archlinux laptop, I ran "pacman -Syu" today.  After
rebooting, something appears to be broken in orca/at-spi.  I can
login to the gnome desktop, but orca doesn't come up talking like
ormal.  Pressing Alt + F2 and typing orca in the run dialo does
not produce any errors, but it still doesn't launch orca.

I chcked an orca -v using speakup in one of the text consoles and
recieved a host of errors about misdefined classes and
none-existent modules.  I need to o some diggingto find houw to
get to my USB-thumbdrive under the consoles and I can get you an
exact copy of the error messages.

I update with pacman weekly.  I'm just running the stable base
repositories and *not* the testing repos.  Does anyone know where
I should look to determine the nature of y problem?  so hopefully
I can report it to the appropriate people.


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