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I was attempting to use the orca find, orca+[ and not having any luck with it. Is it broken? I first was checking in a file for 3 # characters. I could have easily done it with the find dialog built in to Gedit, but I decided to use Orca's version instead. It didn't move the cursor to the new location, and after the second attempt it said the string was not found. So, I created a file with:
This is some text
this is more text
this is even more text
and did a search for the word text. It said the word some, not text, but still did not move  the location of the cursor which remained either at the top or bottom of the file where I had left it. Also, the orca+] which is supposed to find the next occurance didn't do anything. So, am I missing some critical concept, or should I be filing a bug?
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