Re: [orca-list] What happened to solaris?

On 13/11/10 14:43, mattias wrote:
any link?

Within the OTN License agreement you'll find:


Except for any included software package or file that is licensed to you by Oracle under different license terms, we grant you a perpetual (unless terminated as provided in this agreement), nonexclusive, nontransferable, limited License to use the Programs only for the purpose of developing, testing, prototyping and demonstrating your applications, and not for any other purpose.

I hope it helps. 

fre 2010-11-12 klockan 21:40 -0700 skrev Steve Holmes:

Had OpenSolaris been licensed differently, it could have been forked and 
kept alive by the community.

As others pointed out, OpenSolaris was forked by openindiana/Illuminos and possibly others.  There is nothing in CDDL which prevents this.  But the amount of work required to maintain a fork is substantial which is why I personally hope the contributors to various forks of the code will collaborate and that it will eventually become more like OpenSuSE/Novell or RedHat/Fedora.

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