Re: [orca-list] Accerciser and Ipython Question

On 10/28/10 09:56, Steve Holmes wrote:
I've been messing with Accerciser and following a tutorial which
discusses the use of Ipython inside the program.  My question is how
can an Orca user use flat review to review the output messages in the
Ipython console?  After the window fills up with output from previous
commands, I can't seem to find that part of the screen anymore when I
use the flat review keys to look for the last output.  If I use the
standard up and down arrow keys, that merely scrolls up in the command
history so you have to review it.

I'm really trying to get a firm handle on the use of accerciser so I
can debug programs better.  Does anyone have any ideas on getting flat
review to work better here? Otherwise, the python console in
Accerciser would basically be unusable by blind persons.

Joanie and Shaun and I discussed more use-cased centric Accerciser documentation using Mallard but I don't yet have content beyond what is already in Accerciser docs. I haven't had much time to play with iPython console myself but I understand that it is most useful if you already know quite a bit about atk which itself could use some more complete docs. Just for starters I see that:

The atspi-registry object is available in iPython as "Registry"
The currently selected accessible is available in iPython as "acc"
Standard python syntax can be used within the iPython console
It's possible to import pyatspi and use its functionality.

So you can try something like this:
Click on an item in the left panel

Type the following into the iPython console:
import pyatspi
menus = pyatspi.findAllDescendants(acc,lambda x:x.getRole() == pyatspi.ROLE_MENU)
for menu in menus:                         {you'll see an error here}

Nearly everything you can do via python/pyatspi you can do within the iPython console so beyond a few simple examples, I think you have to rely on the documentation of Atk, Pyatspi and iPython itself.

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