Re: [orca-list] Use of non-speech sounds for navigation...

Sasikumar (ààà/ààà) M napsal(a):
This is based on something I read in a journal. The paper claims that
using non-speech sounds for things like navigation makes screen readers
more friendly for the visually impaired.

We developed speechd-el, en Emacs speech interface for Speech
Dispatcher.  Speechd-el supports this through Speech Dispatcher's "sound
icons" feature.  Sound icons are used for things like announcing
beginning and end of line during navigation, indication of special
characters (punctuation), keyboard echo, annoncing user defined events,
etc.  The experience is, that some people simply love it, while others
don't.  Practically, it can really make the speech interface more
efficient -- the sound icons are shorter than their verbalized equivalents.

If someone plans to work on that for orca, I'd recommend using the
Speech Dispatcher's sound icons feature.  This saves you a lot of
troubles with sound playback and synchronization of the sounds with speech.

Best regards, Tomas Cerha

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