Re: [orca-list] install GRML with gnome or arch without internet connection

The first thing which came to mind when I read this was, for GRML, do it a similar way to the suggestions for Krishnakant on getting the build dependencies for orca without an internet connection. However, I think these may require a Linux system to prepare the local mirror so you would be left with the option of either downloading all the .deb files and installing each one with dpkg (would require you to get the correct order to satisfy dependencies) or if debian still has a full CD set, use that for your source. OK, just checked, they do have a full CD set according to, your options would be either download the larger images or buy a set (they say they typically are very cheap).

So that's GRML (NOTE: for things like gnome they use Debian's repositories so you shouldn't have an issue, just go for either testing or unstable, ideally unstable but I didn't look hard enough to know whether there are unstable snapshots as CD images). Considering my note, you may want to look at installing plain debian (GRML can do that, just remembered that you will need CD as source and so you might need to remove the GRML CD from the drive, therefore use the cheat code to copy the GRML image to ram).

Looking at the above, that seems harder than I expected, so many things to consider. Hopefully Arch might be easier.

I think if you were to mirror arch repositories precisely on a hard disk, all you would need to do is download all the packages and the repository database files and have them in suitable directories and update the pacman configuration. You would only need do the directories for your architecture. Also if you mirrored their directory structure you probably would only need edit the mirror list. Also you won't need all repositories, you probably don't want testing and community-testing, so you could leave out those directories.

Sorry I probably haven't explained that particularly well, hope you can get some ideas of what to do. Also may be consider asking in the Arch forums about how to install without an internet connection, sure it must be something which comes up and there may be a better way than I am suggestions (I am actually not even sure whether what I suggest will work, I am just piecing together what I know of how an arch repository works).

Michael Whapples
On 01/-10/-28163 08:59 PM, Justin Pospical wrote:

I was wondering if there was any way you could download gnome so that
you could install it on GRML or arch linux without an internet
connection. I'd have to do it from windows because Linux doesn't
recognise my wireless card. Any help would be appriciated.

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