Re: [orca-list] Technical possible do in Orca a keyboard shortcut with Thunderbird script to jump attachments list?

Hey Attila.

Joanie, Yes, I see the report open time, now I not full read the 
bugreport comments, but if this propose patch is committed, I am very 
happy in future. :-):-)

You and me both. :-)

Your openion this proposed patch is committed only the Thunderbird next 
pre version? 

Hard to say. Hopefully it will be reviewed, accepted, and committed

And after this need do this feature related think with 

Nope, it wouldn't be needed because you'd be able to move focus to the
attachments list using normal keyboard commands.

I'm also very hesitant to add official commands into Orca which attempt
to reliably perform fancy mouse clicking automatically on your behalf to
work around a bug in some other module. For one thing, the developers of
the other module (in this case Thunderbird) need to fix their broken
software. This problem impacts everyone; not just Orca users. In
addition, implementing what you describe would be a fragile hack which
you and other users would then expect the Orca team to maintain. <smile>
In other words, every time there was a change in the Thunderbird
accessible hierarchy, this automatic clicking might break. And then we'd
be expected to fix it in Orca because it was an Orca feature that no
longer worked. Seems like a bad idea to me personally....


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